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"Millie" and "New Millennium English"

New generation English language textbooks

If you teach English in a secondary school, want to keep up with the times and use advanced teaching and learning materials, turn your attention to the Millie and New Millennium English series of English language textbooks developed with the assistance of the British Council.

The project is being carried out with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the National Training Foundation together with the Russian publishing house, Titul and the British publishing house, Brookemead.

Who are the authors

A group of English language teachers from different regions of Russia were selected on a competition base, trained on Textbook Writer Development course in Britain and now they are writing a series of English language textbooks for comprehensive schools.

Why our textbooks are better

Millie and New Millennium English is the unique product of co-operation between Russian and British specialists in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. The advantages of our textbooks are that:

  • A progressive approach combined with Russian school traditions is used.
  • Our consultants are leading British TEFL specialists.
  • Evaluation and assessment component has been developed with the participation of the authors of the unified state English language exam.
  • Every textbook is reviewed by the federal experts and is approved by the Ministry of Education getting a logo ĎAdmittedí or ĎRecommended'.
  • The textbooks for grades 10 and 11 won a NTF competition on development of a new generation textbooks and participated in the all-Russia experiment run within the programme of modernisation of education.
  • They meet high international standards and at the same time are available at a moderate price.

Advanced approach to teaching

Only authentic materials are used in our textbooks.

The materials are studentsí age- and interests- appropriate, and are developed for mixed-ability classroom. The textbooks embody a learning by doing approach especially those for primary students, and are based on action, movement and handicraft.

Much attention is paid to teaching real life communication skills in modern English. The four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are integrated. íReading and listening for pleasureĎ principle is used in the line with traditional approaches to reading and listening. Translation is treated as a fifth language skill.

The materials are aimed at raising studentsí cross-cultural awareness and provide information on young childrenís and teenagersí life in other countries. Grammar and vocabulary are learnt through context. The Russian language is used actively as a supplementary teaching tool.

Good for the pupil ó good for the teacher

The Millie and New Millennium English sets of materials for each grade include a Studentís book, a Workbook, a Teacherís book and an audiocassette. Millie coursebooks also contain teaching handouts (word cards and pictures).

The textbooks are extremely student-friendly since their design and content have been developed with age characteristics and childrenís interests in mind.

Teacherís books contain detailed lesson by lesson plans, and at the same time leave space for teacherís creativity. They may satisfy both experienced and beginning teachers. Teacherís books provide detailed explanation of modern teaching approaches which will help teachers improve their professional skills.

Ministry of Education ruling

New Millennium English for grades 10-11 have the Authorisation Logo of the Ministry of Education ĎRecommendedí for use in comprehensive schools. Books 5, 6 and 7 are ĎAdmittedí for use in schools. Millie for grades 2-4 and NME for grades 8-9 are in the process of getting the ministerial approval.

Where to buy our textbooks
Textbooks for grades 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11 are available in bookshops throughout Russia and can also be ordered directly from the Titul publishing house.
Textbooks for grades 2, 8 and 9 are due to be published in summer 2005 and for grades 3, 4 and a new book 5 bridging the two series in 2006-07.

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